Two Worlds Meet

Mirko Rainer and Arianna Maugeri, two distinctive personalities with diverse professional backgrounds and a shared passion for creative living, are the founders of this unique enterprise. Their core belief that an artistic idea can become a practical reality is the driving force behind this incomparable collection. Old world craftsmanship and European sensibility define these heirloom-quality knives.

Mirko Rainer

Mirko Rainer is the Sommelier and Manager of the renowned Ristorante Montalbano in Stabio, Switzerland. In addition to these pursuits, Mirko is also an expert bow hunter. These two worlds merged and resulted in the production of this collection of exquisite handmade knives. There are two categories of knives that capture his attention, one for the hunt and the other to the art of cooking. The material that Mirko favors for constructing the blades is forged-damask steel, while for the knife handles he uses a variety of rare and unique natural materials. Both types of knives are not only working tools, but also singular objects of art that Mirko masterfully customizes to the specific request of the client.

Arianna Maugeri

Arianna Maugeri is an International Marketing and Communication Specialist and a journalist for trade publications.  She has lived several years between Europe and the United States, working for different clients in the motorsport business and in the wine industry. As an international event producer, she has already organized many successful events, two of which included Guinness World Records attempts. Passionate about contemporary art and design, Arianna brings artistic energy to the Rainer knives collection.