How to preserve the beauty and the efficiency of a Rainer knife over time

The Rainer collections of knives are a perfect blend of passion and precision, where the originality, the efficiency and the stringent technical rigour live together. From the selection of the steel and of the handle materials to a special craftsmanship touch, a series of precise gestures make every knife unique. The Rainer knives are made to be used. This is why they don’t need extraordinary maintenance, especially if they are delicately handled and cleaned. However, being high level sharp blades, they deserve some simple, caring actions so that their beauty and efficiency can be preserved over time.

Some simple maintenance tips:

  1. The knife should always be used for the purpose for which it was conceived.
  2. For cleaning the knife, we recommend hand washing and drying the product well with a dry cloth keeping the metal parts oiled. If the blade should get stained you can resort to the use of bicarbonate, which diluted in water can remove spots and stains on the metal.
  3. Never put a knife in the dishwasher.
  4. Don’t leave your knife in deep water.
  5. The wooden and bone handles absorb humidity.
  6. After several uses of your wooden handle knife, we recommend to treat occasionally the handles with extra virgin olive oil, which is the richest oil and being natural is also more protective. Distribute a few drops of oil on the handle and it will look like new again.
  7. For the maintenance of the knife edge it is necessary to revive it with fine stone or sharpener. This should be done before the knife completely lose the edge.

And Now Enjoy it!