Elegance to the table

Having high quality table utensils is one of the culinary passions which should not leave anything to chance.

It is here that the knife assumes a leading role on a well-appointed table.

Combining his experience of Maître-Sommelier and Chef with that of artisan knife maker, Mirko Rainer wanted to create a knife that could enhance the dining experience by offering a utensil with a uniquely sharp cutting blade.

MRK-2 is the Steak Knife which offers a sophisticated practicality with timeless elegance.

Its attractive lines move seamlessly between tradition and innovation.

MRK-2 steak knives combine next-generation steel, such as the 440 stainless Nitro-B cryogenic, with precious woods.

MRK-2 is much more than a sharp blade!

Mirko Rainer